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New MEDO Board Chair

alternate textMs. Leah LaPlante

Please join MEDO CEO, Blake Russell, and the MEDO management and staff in congratulating Ms. Leah LaPlante, who was recently appointed to the position of Minister of Economic Development and MEDO board chair for the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF).

Minister LaPlante sits ex officio on LRCC, sits ex officio on the Metis Economic Development Fund and is also chairs the Metis Generation Fund board. Minister LaPlante shared her thoughts on her recent appointments: “I am looking forward to the challenge and the excitement of being Minister of Economic Development. I met with Mr. Russell and his team, and they are assisting me with the transition. I would like to thank former Minister Jack Park for his past leadership in the Economic Development Department and also his offer of support in my new role.

“As the new MEDO board chair, I look forward to the opening of the MEDO Care pharmacy and how MEDO Care will not only strive to become a valuable part of Metis communities by providing pharmacy products, but will also deliver personalized health care solutions and programs. MEDO Care aims to improve the Metis quality of life through service, education and information.

Minister LaPlante brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her position and is in her fifth term as Vice President of the Southwest Region of the MMF. She has previously sat on the Louis Riel Capital Corporation board and was the past Minister of Education for the MMF, whose portfolio includes the Louis Riel Institute.

The Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO)

The Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO) is a business investment and management firm that works with the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) to make key business investment decisions based on generating profit and building capacity for the long term sustainability of the Metis within Manitoba.

MEDO is dedicated to pursuing greater financial self-sustainability for the MMF by investing in for-profit ventures. MEDO will provide support to other Metis business owners and entrepreneurs through access to programs and services, business partnerships as well as potential sources of equity for business development.

medo vision

Our tools for achieving growth:
  • The Metis Generation Fund (MGF): $3 to $5 million in equity to support Metis participation in Manitoba’s resource sectors and infrastructure projects.
  • Louis Riel Capital Corporation: an award-winning, long standing Metis business lender.
  • The MEDO Affinity Card Program: a multi-platform loyalty marketing program for Metis consumers, measuring their impact on local, provincial and national companies.
  • MEDO Developments: a property development and management company acting as a major partner for core area development within the City of Winnipeg and property infrastructure throughout Manitoba.