About MEDO

    As the pre-eminent initiative of the Metis Economic Development Strategy, MEDO is a business investment and management firm working with the Manitoba Metis Federation to make key business investment decisions based on generating profit and building capacity.

    As the "Crown Corporation" of the Metis government in Manitoba, MEDO is the foundation of the MMF's plan for greater financial self-sustainability and its ability to serve the Metis Nation within Manitoba as the government of the Metis people.

    As an investment management company, MEDO:

    - Invests in and manages through ownership or joint ventures profit generating businesses.
    - Supports the MMF Regions and Affiliates with business opportunities.
    - Creates a motivated, aligned and cohesive business network by marketing and promoting Metis businesses.
    - Leverages opportunities to build capacity (i.e. employment) for Metis people.


    ESGS (name based on 'Ed Simard General Store'), is the modern day incarnation of the long-standing and trusted Metis store.

    ESGS handles all procurement, purchasing and communication services for the MMF Regions, Home Office and Affiliates, as well as administering the MEDO Affinity Program where cardholders shop at our affiliated stores, collect loyalty points and redeem them at ESGS online.

    The MEDO Affinity Program is a multi-purpose loyalty card program positioned to enhance the market buying power of and deliver quality purchasing opportunities to its users - primarily the Metis people of Canada.

    Unlike any other loyalty card, Affinity is unique. It contributes to ongoing financial support to the Metis Nation while offering Affinity Card holders purchasing incentives and value through its partnerships with major North American retailers and Metis owned-businesses across Canada. Visit: www.medoaffinity.com

    MEDO has established a community pharmacy operation located at 150 Henry Avenuen in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its goal is to demonstrably improve the health care outcomes of the client population that it serves. MEDO Care, a CounterCare™ pharmacy has implemented innovative services and strategies tailored to the clients to provided Comprehensive, Accessible, Responsive, Exceptional (CARE) pharmacy services.

    MEDO Developments is a property and construction management firm working with the public, private, and non-profit sectors to create opportunities for redevelopment and construction in Manitoba.

    Committed to holistic and socially conscious development, MEDO Developments projects are centred on community and stakeholder engagement working to ensure success that is inclusive to all parties.

    The Metis Generation Fund provides equity for Metis businesses operating in the resource sectors in Manitoba. Equity investments of up to $500,000 may be available to increase Metis participation in economic opportunities in Manitoba. As a result of strong partnerships with Metis businesses, the Fund maximizes opportunities and benefits for Metis people.

    MEDO Tech provides the MMF, its Regions and select Affilliates with Managed IT Services, as well as administering related computer needs. It also functions as a profit generating arm of ESGS providing Managed IT Services for companies and non-profits outside of MEDO and the MMF.

    The primary role of the MEDO GIS Division is to provide support and enable clients to fulfill project requirements that include associated geographic information. A successful GIS product will organize otherwise confusing/misleading geographic data into a synthesized visual representation helping answer questions and solve problems. Whether to visualize statistical, commercially based information, or display Metis specific geographic information, MEDO GIS captures, stores, manipulates, analyzes, manages and presents all types of geographical data for both internal and external clients.

    Clients include: Manitoba Metis Federation, Hydro, Province of Manitoba and Federal Government of Canada.


    An Introduction to MEDO Staff

    Blake Russell - Chief Executive Officer

    A successful Metis entrepreneur and business leader within Manitoba, Blake has held Senior Management positions with Crown Corporations and numerous partnerships with First Nations groups. Blake brings an extensive background in leading business development and is extremely passionate about economic development for the Metis in Manitoba and Metis groups across Canada.

    Any opportunities involving economic development, business initiatives, Metis economic participation and engagement, MMF business development relations, as well as political relations are to be directed to the MEDO Executive Assistant.

    Allisson Walters - Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Allisson joined the MEDO team in 2011. Allisson has worked with the Royal Bank of Canada, Great-West Life Assurance, Service Canada and most recently, the Manitoba Metis Federation. Allisson also organized and assisted the Chief Electoral Office in the most recent MMF Election held in June 2010. Allisson has volunteered time with the St. Norbert Parish La Barriere Metis Council as Secretary of the local. She has also volunteered at numerous events, such as National Aboriginal Day, Louis Riel Commemoration Day, just to name a few.

    Any comments, questions, concerns, meetings and correspondence involving MEDO and its CEO, Blake Russell should be directed to this position. (This full-time position is key to guiding the work and time schedules of the MEDO management team.)

    Brad McAllister - Senior Project Manager

    Brad holds a MA from University of Manitoba, and is a former U of M Instructor. He conducted Government Affairs and Industry Relations activity for an agricultural lobby group: the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR) from 2004 to 2006. Brad then served as Researcher and Policy Analyst for the Progressive Conservative Caucus of Manitoba from 2006 to 2007. He joined the MMF as Policy Analyst in Economic Development in 2008, becoming Director of the Department in 2009. In 2012, he joined MEDO as Senior Project Manager, responsible for business and partnership development.

    Any questions, concerns or initiatives involving Business development are to be directed to this position.

    John Vandale - Director of Marketing and Communications

    John has worked in the communications, marketing, publishing and information technology industries focusing on communications, visual design, company brand enhancement, web development and marketing initiatives. John has managed the production, distribution, design and information technology directives of local and national industry publications in print and on the web for Winnipeg based national companies developing communications, print, web and marketing media.

    Please contact John with any questions, concerns or opportunities involving MEDO information, theAgency@ESGS, the MEDO Affinity program, MMF Procurement and/or related communications, marketing, print, design, promotions, event planning and advertising.


    An Introduction to ESGS Staff

    Karen Daley - Client Services Specialist / Procurement Manager

    Karen has worked in the Marketing/Communications field for over 26 years on a variety of major accounts.

    Karen has experience in coordinating and managing Recognition programs, On-Line Fulfillment programs, Print production, Promotional products, Publishing and Advertising with major client accounts. Karen has worked with such clients as 7-Eleven Canada, Dufresne/Ashley Furniture, Stanley Tools, MB Hydro, Canada Safeway, World's Finest Chocolate, Monsanto and many more.

    Please contact Karen Daley with any questions, concerns or opportunities involving ESGS Inc. information, theAgency@ESGS, MMF Procurement and/or marketing, print, design, promotions, event planning and advertising.

    Karstin Sinclair - ESGS Production Manager

    Karsten has been working in the Commercial Embroidery Industry for 40 years. He worked as a Production Artist for seven years and returned to school, where he focused Civil Engineering Technology at Red River College.

    Beginning in the 1990s, Karsten joined Continental Crest and Embroidery Corporation as head digitizer and design artist. By 2000, Karsten had started Karstin Design and remained there until joining the ESGS family in October 2010.

    Any opportunities involving Embroidery Services are to be directed to this position.


    The MEDO Business Model

    The Metis Economic Development Organization is the 'for profit' arm of the Manitoba Metis Federation, with the paramount goal of achieving a financially sustainable Metis Nation within Manitoba.

    MEDO works along side Louis Riel Capital Corporation, with access to the Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF), as well as the Metis Generation Fund to nurture and support Metis businesses.

    All profits generated by MEDO flow directly to the Metis Capital Trust, which in turn supports the Manitoba Metis Federation.

    The ESGS Business Model

    ESGS has steadily grown over the last year and a half.

    Aside from its traditional retail and storefront business, ESGS continues to increase its overall engagement with the MMF and its citizens by striving to identify and provide a varitety of services.

    As you can see by the chart at the right, ESGS is developing specific sectors of operational and delivery services that will enhance and support profit growth, as well as, future training intiatives.


    There are no current job opportunities