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The MEDO Affinity Card Program is a multi-platform loyalty marketing program for Canadian Aboriginal People.

Developed by the Metis Economic Development Organization (MEDO) and administered through ESGS, our procurement management firm, the MEDO Affinity Card uses, defines and aligns the Metis consumer base in Manitoba and Western Canada.

Metis who join the MEDO Affinity Program become Merchant Partner members. Members benefit from goods and services at participating Merchant Partner businesses where, as card holders, they receive discounts and special offers on their products and services. Revenue generated from the program helps support MMF’s programs and services delivered to the Metis.

It engages merchants with Metis and First Nation consumers. (300,000 MB and 950,000 on the Prairies).

MEDO Affinity provides measurement of economic activity through card usage and buying trends, and allows Metis members to cut costs and generate additional revenue though business to business transactions with other Metis Merchant Partner members.

Participating Affinity Merchant Partner members will be able to focus their marketing efforts on a new regional economic group, the fastest growing and largest Aboriginal market in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education and training, according to a recent University of Manitoba study.

Merchant Partner members will have the demographic information and buyer trends they need to create their own direct promotions through the platform, and accurately measure the success of their campaigns and the return on investment in the program…in real time!

For more information on how to become an Affinity Merchant Partner member and participate in the MEDO Affinity Card Program, please download and submit this 'Request For Proposal' .pdf > MEDO AFFINITY RFP

MMF President's Lunch

On Friday, September 14th, 2012, MEDO Affinity welcomed nearly 200 Merchant Partners, community leaders, and area residents to the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) Home Office for the ”President's BBQ.”

It was a chance for everyone involved in the MEDO Affinity Card Program to share some great food, exchange exciting ideas, and celebrate the growing success of the MEDO Affinity Card Program and its partnerships.

Thanks again to Roger Le Bleu and the friendly staff of Lovey’s BBQ for grilling some truly mouth-watering eats.

For more information about the MEDO Affinity Card Program, visit